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Panorama Rooms

Panorama Rooms started to welcome its first visitors in July, 1989 a date that symbolizes my arrival as a new born child. This is the reason why I love this place so much. I feel as if I had a “twin sibling” growing up together in time lapse.

My parents have worked really hard to make those apartments the way they are now. In Anafi, an island of barely 300 residents, everything needs more effort, more patience and more financial costs if you expect your personal goals to be achieved.

In 1993, my father’s attempts to buy the first mini bus on the island, although really innovative for the standards of that period, were accomplished. Since then we are at the port waiting to welcome our visitors and transfer them for free, everyday the ship arrives. Our blue mini bus with me as your personal guide is there to serve you and answer all your questions!

Since 2007, me and my mother have kept running my father’s business and I hope him to be proud of us. Our apartments remain open all year round. My experience has shown me that the first tourist will be welcomed in April and the last visitor will say goodbye in October. That keeps us high in the list of accommodation for those keen on hiking since the area is renowned for its natural landscapes.

We can also provide you easy transportation since Moto Rent Margarita(having its name from my mother) can rent you either motorbikes or cars in Chora next to the post office. We can also bring you a requested vehicle wherever you are on the island.

As far as the rooms are concerned, we offer you the traditional style of Cyclades with blue shutters, whitewashed walls and comfortable balconies (most of them are in common with your neighbors since we like sociability) with great view of the Aegean sea. For those interested in the real beauty of Anafi those utilities are as they ought to be. Our apartments are located in Chora in a relaxed and quiet area very close to the bakery, restaurants, shops, bus station (2min-3min). There is also enough public parking area to use. I would like to inform you that there is only one available ATM so it would be advisable to be provided with the amount of money needed.

In Anafi you can find the serenity you seek, you can enjoy the sea, the sun and explore natural treasures. Anafi gives a different sense for each visitor personally speaking Anafi combines everything. Quietness if I want to get rest, carelessness if I want to sing and dance, exploration if I want to go hiking, freedom if I want to lose myself.

So, I’m very happy having growing up on Anafi, in a small paradise in the middle of nowhere, near enough to a popular destination (Santorini) but so far from tourist cultures of really crowded areas.

I strongly recommend Anafi for your vacation but beware of the addiction!

Kolyda Flora